10 Simple Paper Crafts for Kids

Designers have been using paper to express themselves and make something beautiful since the time of Leonardo da Vinci, but they have a new kid on the block that has helped unleash an explosion of do-it-yourself projects. Paper crafts are not just for adults anymore, but active kids and adults can also get their hands dirty (literally) with paper crafts.

Paper is a natural choice because it’s so versatile – kids can cut it, fold it, paint with it and glue anything to it without damaging anything. In this article we will share 10 simple paper craft ideas for you to try out! This list will be helpful for parents who want to keep busy this holiday season as well as scare your friends away from your prized treasure chest. 

Paper Hat

Paper Hat

I don’t think you can get any simpler than this adorable paper hat design. It’s such a simple, yet sweet and quick craft idea. All you need are a few sheets of paper, scissors, tape and a little bit of patience and your kids can create their own kite from these special papers! 

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

This is another simple paper craft idea for kids – use a sheet of paper and trace a plane on it with crayons. Cut the plane out, fold it and then glue or tape it to a sheet of card paper. Easy and quick! Make sure you glue the edges so that your child doesn’t create any kites from his craft that might fly away. If you want to be extra careful, then create a paper airplane that can be thrown without having any strings attached. 

Painted Paper Basket

Here’s an easy way to recycle your newspapers! You will need newspaper sheets, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Give each child one sheet of newspaper and have them paint it with different colors. After they are done with the painting, you can then have them glue the papers together that form a basket shape. 

Simple Paper flower

For this simple craft you will need a small piece of paper, scissors, a glue stick and some decorative papers. Cut the paper into flower shapes and glue the papers together in a flower shape. This is such a cute craft idea for kids because your kids can decorate the art with their own favorite colors and designs. 

Paper Star Crafts

These beautiful paper stars are great for making gifts or decorations. You will need paper, a ruler, pencil, a paper cutter and some glue or tape. You can also decorate the stars with your own design by painting or gluing with any craft material you want. 

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Picture Frame Craft

Paper Frame

You can create a beautiful frame that kids will love to put on the wall. All you need is a few pieces of paper, a frame and some paint or glue. This project is a fun way to use up your old magazines and newspapers, as well as encourage children to create something new and beautiful. 

Paper Flower Diploma

You can transform any piece of paper into a diploma that you can give out to your child in school – it’s a great way to keep kids motivated and focused on their goals! Keep in mind that this craft is created for younger children (ages 4+) so have them glue some colorful paper pieces together first before you paint the design with the marker. Perfect for Kindergarten graduations. 

Paper Box Craft

Can you think of anything more adorable that this? It’s a paper box craft! It’s so simple, yet so cute. All you need is some cardboard or thick paper, glue and some paint or stickers. 


Kids love crafts because they get to be creative and use their imagination. These paper craft ideas are great for young children because they are simple to create and don’t require a lot of materials. The best thing about these crafts is that they teach children how to be creative, have fun, make something special and also teaches them the value of recycling. Keep busy this holiday season by creating some beautiful art crafts with your kids!

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