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8 Ways To Keep Your Scrapbook Safe

Keep Your Scrapbook Safe

A scrapbook can be a beautiful thing. It provides a place for you to visit your memories, creating an exciting snapshot of all the people in your life that you have captured and loved on paper. But what about when something happens? What if your scrapbook is misplaced or lost and no one is around to remember where it is or what happened?

I have just the solution for this problem! Today, I’ll tell you how to keep your scrapbook safe with these eight simple steps.

-Don’t carry your scrapbook around with you. If it’s lost, stolen or misplaced then you’ve got nothing left of it. Keep your scrapbook in a safe place like your room, the basement, or the garage.

-Put clay on corners of scrapbooks to keep them from getting dog-earred or bent out of shape. Scrapbooks are very fragile and need to be handled carefully to protect their quality and value. This is important for both professional scrapbooks (high quality) and personal (low quality) ones too!

-Keep away from high heat sources like fireplaces, ovens or heaters that could potentially damage the paper on the scrapbook pages which would make them unusable for all future projects.

-Use clear archival glue whenever possible and do not use hot glue or tape. Using heat-sensitive materials directly with water or other liquids will cause the image to fade over time. You can expect the image in your scrapbook to last at least a hundred years if you take care of it properly.

-Always keep your scrapbook away from pets like cats or dogs as well as young children. Young children are naturally curious little beings, and will most likely be just as interested in your scrapbook as they would be with any other pile of paper lying around the house. Oftentimes, the best place to put your scrapbook is in a locked cabinet or safe.

– Never put your scrapbook around liquids. They will obviously ruin the precious contents. If your scrapbook does get wet, try to dry it off and restore it as best you can. Make sure the pages are completely dry and press them with a flat iron or hair dryer.

– Use quality cardstock. Make sure the cardstock you are purchasing is acid-free to extend the life of your scrapbook.

– Use sturdier scrapbooking paper like patterned paper, designer paper and heavier cardstock wherever possible. This will help reduce the risk of pages getting bent or ripped accidentally, especially when used with very thin cardstock from inexpensive kits.

These are my eight simple steps for keeping your scrapbook safe. They will make sure that your memories live on for generations to come.

I hope that this information helps keep your scrapbook safe! It is such a fun hobby and a great way to preserve memories of your whole life. As we get older, we forget sometimes how important those special moments in our life were and how they really made a difference in who we are today.

You can also contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

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