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Scrapbook Idea: Family Recipe Scrapbook

Recipe Scrapbook

What does a family recipe scrapbook look like? You can make a scrapbook with recipes from your sister, parents, grandparents, or other relatives. Include the ingredients as well as instructions for how to cook the dish. Take photos as you cook and decorate each page with them! Your friends and family will love having this fun and yummy scrapbook to look through as they prepare meals. In this article, we will walk you through steps and ideas to create your own family recipe scrapbook.

Making the Pages for Your Family Recipe Scrapbook

Here is how you can create your own family recipe scrapbook:
1) Start by finding your favorite recipes from your relatives in a notebook or on scraps of paper in a drawer. Collect the pages together in one place. You can also find old cookbooks that were passed down from various members of your family for more ideas on what dishes to include.

2) Before you start, make a list of all the recipes you want to include. This will help you keep it all organized. Next, write down any other details like the ingredients or instructions in your journal and create a rough layout of each page.

3) Now choose what type of paper or book to use for your pages. You can also decorate your pages with stickers if you want but it is easier to just glue down photos and pretty much anything else. For the pages, you can use any kind of paper you want. You can use a standard scrapbook or a photo album but if you prefer, you can use a pad of paper or a notebook. The main reason to make your pages on paper is that it isn’t as easy to move around and there isn’t as much weight to it.

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4) To help organize your scrapbook, number each page from 1 to 50 (or however many are in your collection). This makes it easier to include the parts of the recipe on each page. Numbering will also help you keep track of where your pages are supposed to go in your scrapbook.

5) Now you can start working on your pages! You can add photos and other decorations as well as copying over the text from the recipe or writing it down yourself. It is best to copy over the actual recipe but if you don’t know how, just write down what’s written.

6) Cut out all the pictures and write down any additional details you need to add. You can also write down where you found the recipe and from whom.

7) If you want, you can make a cover page for your scrapbook by using a large piece of pretty paper for the cover and small scraps for the inside pages. Just glue scrap pieces of paper together to form a pattern on an extra large piece of paper and use that as your front cover. Next, you can add a picture and write what the recipe is. If you don’t know how to make a cover, you can use a picture of your family members in your scrapbook or use newspaper clippings that have recipes on them.

8) Now you are ready to start filling up the pages! Take each ingredient and write it on the corresponding page. Add photos of mixing the ingredients, photos of family members making the dish and of course images of family enjoying the meal.

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Food often brings family together, what better way to preserve those memories than by creating a family recipe scrapbook. This project is a fun way to preserve the recipes of the past and will be something that future generations can look back on.

Additional Special Ideas

1) Use gold or silver paint pens to write in fancy letters on your pages or make designs with them!

2) If you have photos of your family from a long time ago, you can use those as well.

3) You can also make a scrapbook with traditions. In a separate one, you can keep all the traditions and memories of your family together in one place.

3) To help with this, you can make your recipe pages on paper so they are easy to move around. You can make them double-sided or use clear stickers to cover the whole page.

4) If you have a family history or if you want to include your own family in your scrapbook, you can also make an index for each recipe such as “mother’s pie,” “grandpa’s chicken”, etc. This will be useful when borrowing other people’s recipes from their scrapbooks and not forgetting where the recipe belongs.

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